We mass produce. Which carries a number of challenges. What about waste? Wastage?
Moreover, we strive to build responsibly and we also have EKO‑KOM environmental certificate.
How we protect the Earth specifically?


We process 100% of used materials

No cuttings going to waste. We’ve everything set up to prevent wastage. We process 100% of all used materials.

When working with wood, all wood dust is reused. We are also able to process plastic waste and return it to the production process. Everything is further processed either by us or we forward the material to other companies which use it as secondary raw material.


We use eco-friendly materials

We carefully select materials that we work with. We choose eco-friendly solutions.


We produce replaceable brushes

We strive to make sure our products do not end up in landfills after use. That is why we also produce replaceable brushes which, once worn, do not have to be entirely scrapped but one only need to buy a new component.


We are mindful of recycling

We know many of you also want to do the best to protect the nature and, therefore, recycling is the clear choice. To facilitate recycling, some of our brushes can be broken down to individual recyclable materials.


We invent innovations

We strive to invent technology that is friendlier to the environment. For example, we invented (and, of course, practically tested) a lawn brush by which it is possible to substitute chemical spray.


We reduce our energy consumption

We produce using state-of-the-art machines featuring lower consumption.

We are glad to see that the environment matters to you (otherwise you wouldn’t read our article!). Believe us that we will always take the eco-friendly path and whenever possible our decisions and procedures are also mindful of the Earth.

By choosing our brushes you support reasonable solutions. Thank you!

Why choose us?

  • Consultancy

    We are happy to advise you and propose an ideal solution. Our technical support is here for you.

  • Custom-made

    Do you have special needs or requirements? We are happy to provide you with a tailor-made solution.

  • Environmental aspects

    We employ various measures to make our production as eco-friendly as possible.