We have been operating in the field for almost 30 years. That’s a pretty long time. Therefore, we heard a lot of your stories, problems and wishes. And we seek to work with them as much as possible. It is our long-term goal to invent improvements that you really need. 

Where have we already succeeded? 

We designed an excellent weed-removing gutter broom

It is unique in that once worn it is possible to only replace the sweeping bundles (which is easy and fast). The new bundles are also very compact; one set fits in a small box. 

As a result, these brushes are economic, ecological, save transportation costs as well as warehousing costs. In addition, they are truly efficient and suitable even for highly contaminated surfaces (without damaging them). As a bonus, they are also relatively quiet. 

We are very proud of this brush and it also captivated a number of our customers. However, our production capacity has been limited as yet (at the time this article is written). If you are interested, please inquire about the current availability of the brush. 

Help you facilitate recycling

We realized that a number of you would like to sort expired brushes more comfortably. As a result, you can often break down in particular the newly designed brushes into separate materials and recycle them easily. 

Protect lawns 

Where chemical agents were previously automatically used, it is now possible to use our brushes too. Due to our strong sense of ecology, we are happy to have been able to contribute to a good thing and reduce the use of aggressive substances. 

Provide tailor-made solutions 

We also produce custom-type solutions directly for you and your specific needs. When designing each new product, we keep in mind what you are going to need, how you will use the brush and how to best create an ideal solution. 

Going down the path of innovations is not always easy. For example, we attempted to develop a system that would make the brush replacement easier for you by eliminating screws. In reality, however, it proved to be fairly needless and the time saving was minimum.

Despite that innovation and developing new solutions is our passion. It is an important part of our work which we find particularly interesting. And we are glad that our solutions are interesting for you. 

We will surely launch new products soon you can look forward to.